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High Quality Premium Reports For High School Students

Hi. We are looking for someone to write high quality articles and reports on topics such as:

1. How to study (can’t study well, never been taught, need a proper structure to follow)
2. Motivation to study (don’t want to start or complete a task if it will take hours, hard to focus)
3. Time Commitment/Management required during exams and when studying etc (also wasting time)
4. Distractions (such as peers/internet etc)
5. Reading too slowly and for too long (would like to be able to read faster and retain the information better)
6. Need extra support from family
7. English (not up to standard it needs to be, essay writing skills not present)
8. Fear of failure
9. Taking too long writing notes for exams and also writing too slowly in exams
10. Organisation skills (sloppy)
11. Taking effective notes (and how to research topics effectively)
12. Study Vs Time Out (what is the right balance?)
13. Attitude to study (including coping with workload/staying ahead of the pack/de-stressing/building confidence)
14. Concentration and focusing on tasks
15. Subject specific content help
16. How to approach exams (what to do leading up to them?)
17. How to prioritise tasks
18. Relaxation methods
19. Food & exercise tips (part of de-stressing)
20. What do top students do…                                                                

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