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Create television advertisements

This isn’t a job, per se, but it’s still interesting. There is now a website where large and small firms will submit a contest for the best user-made commercial, and the entrants can submit their own advertisements. The top entrant …

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Math solutions writer (work from home)

Write mathematics solutions for common math textbooks from home. Look at end-of-chapter problems and write a detailed and clear solution to help mathematics students understand the material better. Current students (high school and college) are accepted. Pay is on a …

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Making money at home using oDesk

The website is an out-sourcing/project work site. Here employers will post projects that they need done – often one time projects rather than ongoing projects. Everyone will have a chance to view the project and submit a bid if …

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Google Ads Quality Rater (work from home position)

In the tech world, everyone wants to work for Google. They have lots of money. They are growing. They have lots of fun. They are known as a great workplace. There is a way to get a job at Google …

Read more » Mechanical Turk – work from home opportunity’s Mechanical Turk is not like a traditional work from home job (or any job for that matter). Most jobs require applications, interviews, and have some kind of regular work, regular pay checks and sort forth. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is …

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Accountant/bookkeeper (ongoing)

A virtual accounting firm is looking for accountants and bookkeepers on an ongoing basis.

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